PEPPOL Public Sector EDI

In the UK, PEPPOL has been chosen to help automate the NHS supply chain through an open, standard network connection, for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping for all suppliers/providers.

In a traditional EDI network, each supplier must have a contract to provide a solution to each buyer. In the NHS, this would mean each buyer (hospital/clinic) would need connections to each of their suppliers. Even if NHS trusts are using the same suppliers, they would each need to pay for the EDI service.

PEPPOL allows NHS trusts to have a single eProcurement network which reduces complexity and cut costs as there are no additional set-up costs to begin trading. As long as both buyer and seller have PEPPOL access, EDI can take place.

PEPPOL Access Point

Transalis PEPPOL Access Point

PEPPOL allows access to its network through ‘Access Points’.  These access points are an organisation on the network, that has met the published specifications set out by PEPPOL for accreditation. Connections between Access Points are multi-lateral, so only one connection to PEPPOL is required.

Transalis is a member of PEPPOL and a certified Access Point.

Choose Transalis as your PEPPOL Access Point for a fully managed solution which eliminates the complex processes associated with NHS procurement.

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What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) is an EDI protocol that enables the public sector and private companies to exchange electronic trading documents over an interoperable network.

PEPPOL is co-funded by the European Commission and 18 government agencies, to simplify the purchase-to-pay process between government organisations and suppliers.

Whilst this Public Sector EDI network is ‘open’, access to the supply chain is only available via accredited solution providers. PEPPOL is not an eProcurement solution, merely a connection so organisations can do business electronically.

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