Cloud EDI Managed Solutions

Cloud EDI Managed Solutions

Cloud EDI managed solutions offer competitive advantage by enabling efficient and cost-effective digital services, helping increase time to market and profitability.

After spending hours wading through reams of reports, invoices and data, it’s little wonder that companies actively seek out more efficient ways of handling their
transactions. Thankfully, EDI is on hand to manage this, providing a way to improve delivery times, speed up invoice payments, minimise errors and maximise efficiency.

OpenEDI, the UKs leading EDI solution from Transalis, is a secure, scalable, high performance SaaS application platform, hosted securely in the Transalis cloud. From the smallest supplier, to the largest manufacturer and retailer, OpenEDI is a leader in Cloud B2B managed solutions, following global standards including Tradacoms, EDIFACT, EANCOM and ANSIX12.

With OpenEDI you can easily receive and send electronic Orders, Order Amendments, Order Acknowledgments, Invoices, Advance Shipping Notes, Despatch Advice Notes, Delivery Notes, Debit Notes, Credit Notes, Remittance Advice Notes, Sales & Inventory Reports and any other Electronic Data Interchange documents.

Whatever the size of your business , there is a Cloud based managed solution to meet your needs.


If you are a supplier looking to replace your own out-dated, in-house EDI solution, a Supplier solution may fit your needs.. The cost-savings achieved typically delivery returns of investments of a few months, compared with a traditional in-house solution. All mapping, day-to-day operation and running of the solution is part of our Managed Service.

Supplier EDI simplifies document exchange and automates the processing of EDI messaging such as orders, invoices, shipping notes and sales reports.
Supplier solutions can be extended to support your own transaction types. They can be deployed as a Web solution or as an integrated managed service. As your business grows and your requirements change, you may decide to switch from a Web to Integrated solution; Transalis provides a seamless transition allowing businesses to grow with no interruption to business.


You may be a Retailer who wishes to replace in-house EDI and also go on to roll out an EDI solution to your supplier community, therefore resulting in significant cost benefits. Transalis are experienced at on-boarding ‘000s of EDI connections, without any interruption to existing processes.

Retailer EDI is totally future-proof and encompasses all Retailer EDI transactions, including ASN’s and Barcode label printing for your suppliers. Trading partner roll-out and management are key elements of our solution. Our extensive experience in onboarding suppliers can accelerate programmes such as data synchronisation and digital supply chain enablement.

Range of Solutions

Web Based EDI

Cost effective, simple to use, cloud based EDI solution for any size business

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Integrated EDI

End to end automation of EDI transactions, delivering improved business performance

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All you need to know about PEPPOL, the European-wide trading network for Government bodies

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