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The data held within OpenEDI™ provides historical trends and real time data to drive business planning and decisions across the business. YourAnalytics™ was created to utilise this data to support trading partner relationships and improve insight into real-time activity.

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A business critical supply chain plays a prominent role in a company’s profitability and is an ideal place to utilises analytics for B2B data.

By monitoring and reporting EDI transactions such as invoices, orders, ASNs, returns etc, businesses are empowered with real-time information, displayed as visualisations, for informed decision making. This EDI Business Intelligence solution empowers businesses to use their own EDI data to make better business decisions in real-time through data visualisation.

YourAnalytics puts you in the driving seat of your supply chain, allowing you to make business critical decisions faster, spot potential issues and improve customer and supplier relationships. YourAnalytics gives you the visibility of your supply chain that has been lacking with traditional EDI business intelligence solutions.

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Retailer, Supplier & Product EDI Data

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We enable our clients to utilise sales data by integrating, cleansing, migrating and managing their data across multiple platforms and locations, to produce accurate, consistent information stored and exchanged digitally. This delivers a consistent, official set of data, attributes and hierarchies for informed decision making.

YourAnalytics bridges the gap between data and visualisation by continuing to collect your Supply Chain data, whilst providing you with the visualisations and insight to ensure your Supply Chain gains competitive advantage.

YourAnalytics Capabilities

Your Analytics Subscription Levels

YourAnalytics empowers the whole business to see, analyse and understand their EDI data

The first step onto a YourAnalytics solution is the Kickstart dashboard. This is available as a free upgrade for all Transalis OpenEDI customers. This dashboard includes 4 pre-figured visualisations based on orders and invoice data. The EDI data is refreshed weekly ready to be shared across the business.

The other subscription levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinium.

Why YourAnalytics for EDI Business Intelligence?

  • Single view of EDI data visualisationa
  • Web-based analytics in miutes, not days
  • In-memory data engine
  • Sharing through web and mobile apps
  • Automatic set up for OpenEDI users