Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Turning data into insight is a priority for many departments across the business, including Supply Chain, IT and Finance. Business Intelligence analyses data and presents it back to the user as actionable insight to help end users make more informed business decisions.

Business users today want and need more from their data than just limited spreadsheets and outdated Business Intelligence tools.

With big data and multiple data sources, businesses need to explore data more than ever before, using insights to gain competitive advantage in often crowded marketplaces. It is no longer enough to just ask questions of our data, businesses require data to help them form the answers to improve business strategies, processes, operations, and customer engagement.

Business Intelligence solutions, like YourAnalytics, put the user in the driving seat, working 10 to 100 times faster by sharing web based dashboards, reports and graphics within seconds. No coding experience is required, solutions can be up and running within minutes, with the user as the expert, not the tech team.

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